4D printers

It’s remarkable that you can now buy 3D printers to make (generally plastic) objects. 3D printers work by translating computer models into objects layer-by-layer. You can make pretty nifty stuff with consumer 3D printers, too. My personal favorite is this Mario Kart Koopa shell racer:

Koopa and batteries not included

We’ve progressed quite a bit when you consider the shift from printing presses to dot matrix, inkjet and laser printers to 3D printers. Could the next shift lead us to 4D printers? What would a 4D printer do, anyway? If the fourth dimension is time, then I imagine it would print an object as it appeared along the time continuum. If you wanted a complete and undamaged sculpture of the Victory of Samothrace, you would simply adjust the print settings to go back to 190BC, and voila!

Maybe with enough tinkering, we could even use 4D printers to look forward to the future: What will the Victory of Samothrace look like in 3100? Just 4D print to find out!

2 thoughts on “4D printers

  1. This looks awesome–I would love a 4D printer. I would want to print out the original Sphinx to see what it looks like with a nose. Cool blog, keep it up!!

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