Brain bombers

A few years after World War II. the Allies organized an airlift to supply desperately needed food and fuel to the blockaded residents of West Berlin. Today, bomber planes continue to be used to drop supplies such as food, fuel, medicine and weapons. Interestingly,  there has even been a case of a so-called “candy bomber” which delivered chocolate bars to children living in war-torn regions.

If we’re following Maslow’s hierachy of needs, bomber planes have largely focused on satisfying physiological and safety needs. At some point, will they also satisfy intellectual needs?

Give your brain a wrinkle or two.

Maybe we’ll hear of brain bombers that drop copies of great artistic and scientific works. Once physical needs are taken care of, people may instead crave Beethoven’s Fifth, Matisse’s The Dance or Miller’s Death of a Salesman. And not to be accused of snooty tastes, I must add that I would certainly appreciate Arrested Development season 2 in a care package.

2 thoughts on “Brain bombers

  1. I think that as foreign aid we should, instead of focusing in giving up our surplus of grains and other foods, is to donate our surplus of books and other good brain stuff.

    I would like to see this happen.

  2. Thanks for your comment I’m reminded of an Onion article entitled something like “Starving African Children Receive Desperately Needed Bibles”.

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