Glove utensils

Innovation often involves the novel combination of simple things. For example, a spork joins the obvious in perhaps a non-obvious way: Scooping with piercing in a single form. According to Google, a prime candidate for utensil of the future is indeed the spork. But maybe we’ve got the wrong combination. Maybe it’s not going to be a fork and spoon, but something else.

We might instead combine the ingrained instinct to eat with our hands (see: any infant) with the streamlined design of modern utensils.  I would call this technology the “gutensil” – the glove utensil. It’s the perfect mix because it does a better job of taking advantage of the superior dexterity of the digits. When we make a piercing motion, we jab our fingers; hence, the fork/knife parts would be on the glove tips. When we scoop a liquid, we press our fingers together; hence, the gloves would have webbed fingers.

Utensil of the future: Spork or gutensil?

So what would you prefer, a gutensil (dinosaur hands) or a spork? I guess I should have prepared a more visually-appealing rendition of a gutensil, but there’s laziness for you.

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