Hurricane fights

Hurricane Sandy hit hard some time ago. DC was spared the worst of it, which was reserved for the unlucky NYC area. The current response to extreme weather seems to be evacuation: Get out or get hurt. It’s probably the only workable strategy when something as powerful as a hurricane hits. However, even if evacuation is successful (if there is sufficient notice of the threat), it can be very expensive and difficult to manage.

Perhaps the problem is that we have tried only one part of our primordial fear response. If we’re choosing between fight or flight, then evacuation is flight. But what about fight? Will we one day have a way to attack hurricanes?


Hurricane Sandy, meet Hurricane Sandy.

This may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Scientists have dabbled with weather generation already. In the future, maybe we’ll generate counter-weather systems that collide with hurricanes and siphon off their strength or at least push them off course.

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