Extinguisher grenades

One of my guilty pleasures is browsing engrish.com. There’s something about accidentally hilarious mistranslations that hits close to home for this immigrant (I’m reminded of when my mother offered cabbage rolls to a friend but unfortunately pronounced it as ‘garbage rolls’). A favorite engrish snap is this fire extinguisher sign.

Second only to a sign translating 'disabled persons' as 'deformed persons'.

Second only to a sign translating ‘disabled persons’ as ‘deformed persons’.

At first glance, the “hand grenade” is silly mistake worth a quick giggle. But at second glance, I wonder, would it be so outlandish to imagine an actual hand grenade fire extinguisher? That is, what if fire extinguishers looked and worked like hand grenades?

Fire extinguishers use different types of extinguising agents, depending on the type of fire (electrical, chemical, etc.) they are meant to put out. The agents can range from chemical foams, carbon dioxide or just plain water. What if we compressed these agents into a ball that exploded on impact? Extinguisher grenades would be easy to store and easy to use. Even the athletically-challenged can lob a ball with some accuracy. Fire-fighting could be dangerous and fun. Most importantly, some good may come out of mindlessly browsing engrish.com.

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