Mood checks

It’s hard to imagine that only a decade or so ago, email was not commonly used. Instant communication is a luxury that many of us take for granted, saving both time and money (no stamps!). But there’s a downside to this efficiency, and it’s easier to send something we’ll regret with something as quick and easy as email. Many of us have made the mistake of clicking “Send” in the heat of the moment, leading to only hurt feelings and bruised egos.

What if there was a way to catch stupid emails before we send them? We have Spelling & Grammar checks in email, but what about something more emotionally intelligent? What about Tone & Mood checks? Basically, some way of measuring how angry, sarcastic or mean an email is, and warning us that we may regret sending a message.

If [mood] < "Very Good", then [delete email]?

If [mood] < “Very Good”, then [delete email]?

Not only could a Tone & Mood check keep track of a message’s, well, tone and mood, it could also correct mistakes. For example, if we try to email “Joe, you really hurt my feelings today, you smelly jerk”, that could be corrected to “Joe, you really hurt my feelings today” and stave off future regrets. Now that Google has dropped Google Reader, maybe they’ll have time to put a Tone & Mood check into beta testing?