Hair stay

I’m overdue for a hair cut, but currently too lazy to schedule and go to the appointment. Perhaps the best part of a new hair cut is how good it looks when I leave the salon. Every strand is finally at an optimal length, the layers perfectly cut and styled. But it won’t take more than a few months before it’s back to frump. We need haircuts so often because hair grows, and hair grows at different speeds. So what was once a perfect bob becomes a sloppy mullet.

What if there was a way to freeze the *perfect* hair length? Some method of keeping your hair at exactly the length your stylist cut it. Instead of hair spray – which just keeps your hair from moving – how about hair stay – which would keep your hair from growing?


Hair Stay: Dog approved.

Forcing your hair to hibernate would mean you don’t need to get a hair cut quite so often. Of course, because we lose hair daily, at some point, you wouldn’t be able to use ‘Hair Stay’ forever, or you’d just go bald. ┬áBut if you could keep the same length for a year or so, that would help keep those of us too lazy to book regular appointments from being mistaken for Chewbecca.