Solar mirrors

Spring is in the air!  After a bitter winter in DC (mild by Canadian standards, but I’ve been spoiled), I’m looking forward to a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

The winter days are short and cold because the Earth’s axis is tilted so that the sun doesn’t hit the Northern Hemisphere directly some months. We’ve largely accepted this consequences of Earth’s tilted axis.  But what if there was a way to cheat the seasons?  We could learn a thing or two from how water shortages are managed.  For example, when one part of a country is suffering from drought, another part of that country might transport water (via pipes or bottles) to its parched neighbor.

Just as we can manipulate water and bring it to where it is needed, what if there was a way to manipulate the sun?  Maybe we could deflect the sun’s rays using mirrors.  We might set up an elaborate system of mirrors that reflect light from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Hemisphere in the winter months.  The solar mirrors might also just reflect back light that would otherwise be lost in space.


Solar mirrors have been discussed as a way to combat climate change, but what about as a way to control the seasons?