Bubba the pug

Who inspires you?

When most people are asked who inspires them, they think of a someone like a spiritual leader, family member or best friend. I would usually think of those types of people, too. But today, I am also inspired by something other than a person. I am inspired by a pug. And not just any pug, but an especially chubby and stocky pug with a slight limp when he runs.  Let’s call him Bubba.

Bubba ran in the “Woofstock” pug race of 2013. The event is as silly as it sounds: It’s a series of short races between many wrinkly faced pugs. Bubba was at a disadvantage because his legs didn’t work too well and made him limp when he ran. There was little chance that he could beat the really athletic pugs. But Bubba didn’t let his disability stop him from getting to the finish line.

As you can see, Bubba kept on chugging forward, even when the other pugs charged ahead over the finish line. He didn’t give up. By contrast, take a look at this other pug, a really speedy little pup who didn’t even finish the race because he got distracted.

Unlike Bubba, this pug could have won. He was fast. But at the very end, right before he reached the finish line, he stopped and turned around.

So why does Bubba inspire me? I am inspired by him because he practiced what many of us preach: That tired truism of Don’t Give Up. Bubba did what he had to do to finish the race, and he did it in spite of his limp. I hope that in the future, we will be inspired by our four-legged friends as we learn to respect them and accept that their personalities are as rich and diverse as ours.