Sleep chores

Why do we sleep? Why do we spend almost a quarter of our lives unconscious? One day. we may discover a pill that relieves us of this need. But until that happens, there might be ways to make eight hours of shut-eye productive.

Usually, our bodies are paralyzed during sleep so that we don’t move and hurt ourselves. Sometimes, this paralysis is missing and our bodies are active while we are unconscious. For example somnambulism, also known as sleep-walking, makes people do weird things with little memory of what happened, and people who sleepwalk can cook a meal, drive a car and even kill a person.

What if we could control what we did while we were unconscious? Instead of sleepwalking, what if we could be sleepworking? In the future, we may discover how to be unconscious and also productive by controlling the process that leads to sleepwalking so that we can be sleepworking instead. We might learn to do laundry or pay bills at night while we sleep so that we don’t have to waste mental energy during the day on dull chores.  Now how’s that for a good morning?


Oh boy, sleep!  That's where I'm an expert tax accountant.

Oh boy, sleep! That’s where I’m an expert tax accountant.

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