Walking plates

Healthy eating is a battle of willpower. Success at the Atkins or Paleo diets, or even just avoiding a helping of peanut butter pie can depend on saying ”no” and sticking to it, even against the weight (har har) of our past eating habits. Healthy eating is a lifelong commitment, requiring good decisions over many years.

It takes some serious mental gymnastics for a sweet tooth like me to choose broccoli over peanut butter pie.  Logically, I would eat the green stuff because it has a lot of the good stuff (nutrients) and none of the bad stuff (sugar, fat, preservatives).  Alas, my internal Spock does not always prevail, and often it takes a few seconds for the logic to win out over the caveman instinct that makes rich, sugary treats so alluring.

Healthy eating isn't a cakewalk.  Oh, wait...

Healthy eating isn’t a cakewalk. Oh, wait…

What if there were some way to make dinner actively help you eat better? Could we turn plates into allies? In the future, maybe plates will detect when we have eaten too much junk food, activate legs on the underside to jog away to remove the temptation, and give our self-discipline a chance to kick in. Your dinner would literally run away from you. And if the plate of broccoli was closer than the plate of peanut butter pie, I know what I would (grudgingly) reach for.

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